CatHouse Nightclub & Concert Hall Tallinn , Tartu maantee 17

35.50 - 80.50 Osta pilet


See you on October 3 at the concert in support of Ukraine "BE BRAVE LIKE UKRAINE". The meeting place is "Cathouse Nightclub & Concert Hall" (Tartu maantee, 17). Start at 20:00. "BEZ OBMEZHEN" is a Ukrainian band that gathers thousands of halls in cities and millions of listens on music platforms. Their creativity is the personification of the worldview of Ukrainians - brave, sensual and indomitable. The will beats in their music, the glory of Ukraine spreads with their songs!

"BEZ OBMOZHENY" is loved for its quality Ukrainian music, frankness and civic attitude. From the first days of the war, the boys have been volunteering and giving concerts in front of soldiers and residents of cities liberated from occupation. The band's concerts have acquired a new meaning: it is a call to "Don't be silent" and a dedication to our "Heroes". And each ticket is not just a donation to the Armed Forces, it is a contribution to the VICTORY OF UKRAINE! On October 3, favorite and new songs will be played: "Zorya zapalali", "Heroyam", "No way without her", "November", "Free people" and others. We promise a powerful atmosphere, see you soon!


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T 03.10.2023 20:00

CatHouse Nightclub & Concert Hall, Tallinn

35.50 - 80.50

Osta pilet

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CatHouse Nightclub & Concert Hall

Tartu maantee 17

Tallinn, Eesti


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