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OSTAPILET.EE online terms and conditions applicable to the Organizer.

1. On the website The organizer and the owner of the website and the owner of the website Ostapilet OÜ reg code 14304264 address Pirita tee 20P-441 shall enter into a contract for the sale of tickets for the event, which stipulates the exact obligations of the parties.

2. These General Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to all contracts concluded between the Operator and the Purchase Ticket, and in the event of any difference between the General Terms and Conditions and the provisions of the Agreement, the agreement shall prevail.

3. The terms used in these General Terms and Conditions, such as Event, Organizer, Buyer, Ticket Website, Sales Contract, are provided in the Terms of Use for Ticket Buyers and also apply to these General Terms.

4. OstaPilet mediates the possibility of concluding a ticket sale contract for the Event (sale of tickets to the buyer) between the Organizer and the Ticket Buyer through the website

5. OstaPilet as an intermediary for the conclusion of the contract of sale (sale of the ticket) shall not be liable for any obligations arising from the legal relationship arising from the contract of sale (purchased ticket) towards the Organizer and the purchaser or third party. OstaPilet shall in no event be liable to the Purchaser for the Buyer's obligations arising from the purchase of the Ticket, such as the occurrence, postponement, alteration of the content, etc. cases.

6. For the sale of Tickets on the website the Organizer shall submit an application to the Event for concluding a Ticket Sales Agreement with the Ostapilet. If the Ticket is in doubt or incomplete in the application, the Organizer undertakes, upon first request, to provide documentary evidence that confirms the circumstances of the event (confirming the venue leasing agreements, the promoted artists' participation in the event, etc.)

7. Following the conclusion of the ticket sales agreement, the Organizer shall have the right to use the website for the sale of tickets. Purchase of a Ticket through the Website shall be deemed to be the conclusion of a sales contract between the Organizer and the Purchaser and OSTAPILET shall be considered as an intermediary of the concluded sales contract. In no event shall OSTAPILET Intermediate be responsible for the performance of the Event or its content as advertised.

8. In order to obtain an overview of the sale of sales contracts, OSTAPILET shall provide the Operator with an information technology facility, on the basis of which the Organizer will have access to the Ticket Sales Information.

9. The Organizer undertakes to buy back all tickets if the Event is canceled, as well as if the list of performing artists is significantly changed and the Buyer therefore wishes to return the Ticket, as well as if the Event is changed and the Buyer therefore wishes to return the Ticket.

10. Upon the cancellation of the Event, the Organizer undertakes to provide immediate information on the redemption of the Tickets either on the website of OSTAPILET at the advertisement of the Event and in any other manner accessible to the public.

11. The Organizer agrees to place OSTAPILET name of the Purchase Ticket generated by the Purchaser after the purchase, as well as to disclose OSTAPILET to the public in the Event. The volumes and methods of advertising shall be separately agreed upon.

12. The organizer undertakes not to use other sales contract agents to sell Event tickets.

13. The Organizer shall accept the original, printed or electronic ticket purchased by the Purchaser prior to the event through the Website or on the spot from OSTAPILET and, upon presentation, shall ensure admission to the Event.

14. In the event of force majeure, the Parties shall not be liable for breach of the Contract pursuant to the procedure provided for in § 103 of the LOA.

15. These General Terms and Conditions shall remain in force until modified by Ostapilet. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions will take effect upon their publication on the Web.

16. By entering into a Ticket Sales Service Agreement with Ostapilet, the Organizer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions.

17. All disputes between the Parties shall be settled by negotiation, failing to reach agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia in Harju County Court.